However, the unflaggingly perky caper has no down time, ... CG and visual effects powerhouse Shirogumi with Marza Animation Planet (“Sonic the Hedgehog”). Marza Animation Planet on LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube. From Japan to the world. Let’s see Sonic slipping through the crisis with his signature ultrahigh-speed action! You can find him outdoors landscape painting in his free time if he’s not shut up inside playing videogames. The company was founded when Paramount found out thatThe SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water was successes and Pacific Data Images(PDI) of theShrekfame shut down. I know all the Sonic the Hedgehog fans around the world are wondering what the ‘live-action CG animation’ Sonic the Hedgehog film brings to theaters. Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marza Animation Planet, a CG animation film production company of the SEGA SAMMY Group, announced a partnership to develop a film... _excerpt -->