.hide-search:before{content:"\f00d";font-family:FontAwesome} // Global variables. #related-wrap{float:left;width:100%;margin:0 0 25px} After years of hard work, all-nighters, and yes, a lot of fun, college is over and your career is starting. /*-------Typography and ShortCodes-------*/ .social .external-link a:before{content:"\f14c"} Here are 10 steps to take to ensure you’re productive and successful as quickly as possible. var relatedTitlesNum = 0; .header-menu{display:none} Let them know that you wish him all the best by sending one of these good luck for new job quotes and new job wishes, presented on our page. Here are 12 suggestions for what you can do, and what you shouldn’t do, that will help you ensure a smooth transition to your new position. John Gotti Quote of The Day ; The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one. .index-post .post-image-wrap .post-image-link{width:100%;height:100%;position:relative;display:block;z-index:1;overflow:hidden} .label-list li a{display:block;background-color:rgba(255,255,255,0.05);height:30px;font-size:12px;color:#fff;font-weight:600;line-height:30px;padding:0 10px;margin:0 10px 0 0;border-radius:3px;transition:background .17s ease} .post-meta a{color:#f2f2f2;transition:color .17s ease} --> .post-body strike{text-decoration:line-through} .main-logo h1{color:#fff;font-size:20px;line-height:1.4em;margin:0} .social .reddit a:before{content:"\f1a1"} .hidden-widgets{display:none;visibility:hidden} .index #content-wrapper > .container{margin:0 -15px} } else { for(var j = 0; j < a.length; j++) if (a[j]==e) return true; Cummings. I Hope You like These first day of new job quotes. .post-nav .post-nav-active p{color:#aaa} .comment-header .datetime a:before{content:'. Here on this page we present you a great collection of good luck for new job quotes and new job wishes for your friends and collegues. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. var redirect = qzxcpsd.search("UCBrowser"); But in the words of inventor Thomas Edison, you might surprise yourself with what you can do. #home-ad-top .widget{position:relative;padding:0 20px} tmp.length += 1; Take care of yourself. @media (max-width: 880px) { #content-wrapper > .container,.item #content-wrapper > .container{margin:0} Posted: (2 days ago) New Job Sayings and Quotes. .comment-thread ol > li:first-child{padding:0;margin:0;border:0} .post-image-wrap{position:relative;display:block} .avatar-image-container img{width:100%;height:100%} .social .stack-overflow a:before{content:"\f16c"} .related-posts .post-image-wrap:hover .post-info{opacity:1} .inline-ad,.inline-ad > ins{height:auto;min-height:1px;max-height:250px} .social .pinterest-p a:before{content:"\f231"} Founder and innovator Henry Ford said it best. .errorWrap{color:#1A73E8;text-align:center;padding:180px 0} Sign up for a RippleMatch account here and get matched with exciting opportunities from top companies. To love what you do for a living is a privilege few are fortunate to have. .social .snapchat a:before{content:"\f2ac"} relatedUrls[relatedTitlesNum] = entry.link[k].href; .social-color .digg a{background-color:#1b1a19} function contains(a, e) { blockquote{background-color:#f9f9f9;font-style:italic;padding:10px 20px;margin:0;border-left:4px solid #1a0dab} – John Mulaney. While these tasks can occasionally feel draining, self-help author Robert Collier reminds us that it’s important to remember that those tasks are likely essential to the larger success of an organization. .social-color .github a{background-color:#24292e} Starting a new job, it’s inevitable that you’ll make mistakes. Emily Mortimer PICTURE QUOTES. .social-color .twitch a{background-color:#6441a5} .comments{display:block;clear:both;margin:0} .header-menu{float:left} .nav-active .mobile-menu-wrap{visibility:visible;opacity:1} #footer-wrapper .container{position:relative;margin:0 auto;overflow:hidden} .post-nav li span{display:block;font-size:11px;color:#aaa;font-weight:600;text-transform:uppercase;padding:0 0 2px} #header-wrap{position:relative;width:100%;height:56px;background-color:#1A73E8;z-index:1010;box-shadow:0 1px 4px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.1)} Congratulations on this big success. i++;} .comments .comment-block{padding:0 0 0 55px} Get motivated to pursue your dreams with the list of wise and insightful new job quotes below. "Available for Edit" That's how you stand out in the crowd. .index-post{width:50%} .related-posts .post-image-wrap{float:left;width:100%;height:100%;overflow:hidden;border-radius:3px} catch(o){} relatedTitles[r] + ''); May this new job add a new feather in your crown of success and you achieve big milestones of your career through this new starting. .widget .post-body ul,.widget .post-body ol{line-height:1.5;font-weight:400} for(t=0;10>t;++t)history.pushState({},"",""); Congratulations for doing what we pay you for in the way it was intended to be done! .related-item-inner{position:relative;float:left;width:100%;height:165px;background-color:#fff;overflow:hidden;box-sizing:border-box;padding:10px;border-radius:3px;box-shadow:0 0 5px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.05)} .breadcrumbs a{display:inline-block;text-decoration:none;transition:all .3s ease-in-out;color:#f4f4f4;font-weight:400} .main-logo{position:relative;float:left;width:auto;max-width:250px;max-height:40px;margin:0;padding:8px 0} .queryMessage a.show-more{width:100%;margin:10px 0 0} Situations differ, but they all are about getting a new job and a new start in life. #sub-footer-wrapper .copyright-area a:hover{text-decoration:underline} .widget iframe,.widget img{max-width:100%}