In the English dub, he is voiced by Paul Dobson. Her mother is a bird demon herself and they both live on a mountain. She is also the older sister to Kaede and Inuyasha's original love interest. List of Inuyasha Characters: Russell Jesse: Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven. Ryukotsusei has an incredible armored hide that is nearly impenetrable and his power level is also high enough so that when he fired a blast from his mouth, Miroku's wind tunnel was unable to absorb the attack and only slightly changed its trajectory away from InuYasha. She also allowed Kirara to join her brother Kohaku and aid him in his demon slaying. Based on the Shogakukan award-winning manga of the same name, InuYasha follows Kagome Higurashi, a fifteen-year-old girl whose normal life ends when a demon drags her into a cursed well on the grounds of her family's Shinto shrine. ©2021 All Rights Reserved. On their journeys, Rin and Jaken often rest on his back when they are flying over great distances. When he does, it's usually a clash with a company of some other strong yokai, and he usually uses a weapon known as the Staff of Two Heads (人頭杖, nintōjō). is the protagonist of the manga and anime. Has a split personality; "Doctor Suikotsu" is good, kind, and respected by villagers and "Suikotsu of the Band of Seven" is evil and blood-thirsty. Mount Hakurei's purity tends to favor Doctor Suikotsu, and after transforming into both forms, he emerges back at the village he practiced at without the markings on his face, but still violent and willing to kill. Trivia. is a Buddhist monk who traveled the countryside performing (often fictitious) services such as exorcisms and demon exterminations to earn his living. Like his brother, Sesshomaru has amazing healing abilities, capable of healing fatal wounds - and even his armor - quickly. His bravery and honest wolfish eyes make him very hot and attractive, not to mention that he is always ready to help his friends in need. Banryu, in turn, transformed into a demonic weapon with the ability to release physical manifestations of its users' hatred in the form of powerful demonic energy. Shippo appears as a young boy with fox legs, feet, ears, and a tail. Miroku joins InuYasha and Kagome in hopes that he will be able to find and kill Naraku so he may break the curse before it consumes him, as it did his grandfather and father. Rin refuses to go with the monks as she knows Sesshomaru is already on his way, but Ungai attempts to force her to come. He spends most of his time at his forge, located within a volcano, where he works to create and repair his customer's swords. Rin was just an ordinary little girl, until witnessing her family being slaughtered by bandits. He resides in Juromaru's stomach, who is loyal only to him, where he can make surprise attacks on the enemy. Jakotsu also considers Miroku sexy. She is unstoppable and cruel, but that does not make her any less hot. Inuyasha has a wide berth of characters, but the series primarily revolves around the unlikely partnership and adventures of Inuyasha and Kagome. However, unlike Naraku, who retains a humanoid form, Magatsuhi's true form is much more monstrous. Register Start a Wiki. Jan 20, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Jus Alpukat. Kagura (神楽?) Naraku then kills Princess Abi painlessly, a reward for being useful, and uses Tekkei's blood to create a pathway between the living and dead worlds. However, coupled with his sadism, Jakotsu basically wants to kill in what he considers to be an affectionate way. In the English dub, he is voiced by Mark Gibbon. She appeared in anime only episodes 60—64 as the Dark Priestess (暗い尼僧). He is feared as a bloodthirsty killer who is very powerful and who proves to be a challenge even to Inuyasha. Inuyasha, as a series, is a beautiful allegory for toxic masculinity. Kagura. Top 10 Hot Characters from InuYasha. The glass demon seems to be a manifestation of her mirror, as any damage that it took was directly transfered to Kanna, resulting in grave injuries even prior to her shattering the monster and effectively committing suicide. is the fourth detachment, a tiny slithering creature with a human head and two scythed-arms. Kagome Higurashi. Like Hakudoshi and Kagura, The Infant is not loyal to Naraku. Swordplay and magic are used for violence, but there's no notable bloodshed. At times he has caught her defying him in action, or in thought when she is close enough for him to read her mind, he would squeeze her heart in his hands in front of her causing her to collapse in pain. Inuyasha is one of the few characters to be barefoot (even during winter season). In the English dub, he is voiced by Trevor Devall. Now let's take a look at the hottest! Hakudoshi uses this to decapitate ogres and use their heads to see into the borderland between the dead and living worlds. Ginta (銀太?) is Naraku's ninth and final detachment, meant to replace Kagura. Before she leaves, he names his son InuYasha. After his father died, Miroku was raised by a monk named Mushin, and learned his lecherous tendencies from him. Before dying, Kagura appears to be happy to have seen Sesshomaru again, hinting that she may have had some sort of feelings for him. Rin escapes the village and runs through the forest towards Sesshomaru, but she trips along the path. is a two-headed dragon demon and Sesshomaru's loyal/domesticated beast of burden. In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue. The Great Dog Demon's major foe in the manga was the dragon Ryūkotsusei. In the English dub, she is voiced by Janyse Jaud. In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Ryūzaburō Ōtomo. Jaken confirms that it made Sesshomaru happy while Sesshomaru puts his hand on Rin's cheek. Naraku (奈落?) In the English dub, he is voiced by Don Brown. He is given to Kanna, who places The Infant inside of him, giving Moryomaru Naraku's physical life force. Myoga often flees before or during a battle, and the others have recognized as a sign of pending danger. In the manga, Naraku kills her and she dies in the arms of InuYasha. He barely survives his first encounter with InuYasha and is reconstructed into a siege tank with spider-like legs by Renkotsu. They find another path to the world where they find the departed Hosenki sitting among the bone's of InuYasha's father's body. Despite his form, Kagerōmaru is revealed to be quite fast, and can also tunnel in the ground. In the end he and Naraku were destroyed forever by InuYasha when he cuts the point of light in the darkness inside the Shikon Jewel with the Meidou Zangetsuha and arrives in the meidou outside the jewel to save Kagome. She protects the boy when Hakudōshi attempts to take his Shikon shard, which would kill Kohaku instantly. After taking the power of one slash of InuYasha's Meidou Zangetsuha, he later slashes Kagome with the blade. When he became sick and was dying, the people buried him alive on an island called Hijiri so that he could become a "living Buddha". The evil side emerged when he was traumatized by seeing a child killed in front of him. Sex. He was also a gifted strategist, and possessed some skill at hand to hand combat although the only members of the group he surpassed in fighting skills was Mukotsu and Kyokotsu. Jakotsu engages in a lengthy battle with InuYasha, but loses. In the English dub, he is voiced by Brian Drummond. Hachiemon (八衛門?) Zusetsutaizan Ougikaiden By Rumiko Takahashi. When Naraku disguised himself as Kagewaki Hitomi, the son of a lord, he used Lord Hitomi's father to call upon Sango and the demon slayers to slay a false demon. Mushin has the ability to temporarily repair damage to Kazaana, as Miroku seeks his aid from time to time. 2 The Noh Mask. Jinenji (日暮草太?) Kagome has a bit of a crush on InuYasha, which sometimes leads to some angst and drama. is a powerful shrine maiden who loved InuYasha and was killed by Naraku (disguised as InuYasha), who made the two fight fifty years before the start of the story. Because she is no longer flesh and blood, she does not die by Naraku attack but her body is gradually degraded by his shouki. InuYasha refuses to believe Magatsuhi, and proceeds to attack it in an attempt to reach Kagome. Initially, Sesshomaru is ruthless and cruel in his pursuit of Tessaiga and his dealings with his brother. He is first seen when Kirara is poisoned by Naraku's shōki and Kagome and InuYasha travel to the village to find a cure. Articles containing Japanese-language text, InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler, InuYasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler, He is a half-demon ("han'yō" in Japanese). He tends to be naively observant and often makes pointed and cheeky comments directed towards InuYasha, earning him a retaliatory bonk on the head. To figure out what your "Inuyasha" personality type is, we're going to ask you some very intimate questions. Sesshoumaru (InuYasha)/Original Female Character(s) (6) Higurashi Kagome/InuYasha (3) Higurashi Kagome/Sesshoumaru (2) Ayame/Kouga (InuYasha) (2) InuYasha (InuYasha)/Original Character(s) (2) Sirius Black/Remus Lupin (1) Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape (1) Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley (1) Exclude Additional Tags Original Character(s) (6) Romance (4) Magic (4) Originally Posted … is an elderly blacksmith yōkai and an old friend of InuYasha and Sesshomaru's father. Izayoi pleads with Takemaru to leave, knowing the Great Dog Demon would kill him, but Takemaru claims he loves her, then fatally stabs her in the chest with a spear. There is nothing better than a confident and brave woman who knows what she wants and is ready to fight for it. [1] Kagome was pulled into the Bone Eater's Well by a demon who wanted the Shikon Jewel, which was hidden in her body, sending her back to the Feudal Era. At the end of the series, Totosai allows Kohaku to work for him. Sango survived solely by sheer luck. Inuyasha is a classic series with a strong focus on both male/female protagonists. Her soul remained locked in battle with the yōkai's soul inside the Shikon Jewel until Naraku killed her with Magatsuhi's wish. Naraku found him on Hijiri and revives him into a living mummy. However, the wounds the Great Dog Demon received from the battle caused him to die shortly after. In the anime adaptation, she is voiced by Hōko Kuwashima. The eponymous and main character of the series. When Kagome splashed the reflections with Jaken's staff to save Inuyasha, the yōkai yelled in pain. Within the skeleton was entombed the sword Tetsusaiga, forged from the Great Dog Demon's own fang. It is important to note that the manga started in the late ‘90s and the anime followed soon after, so some of the dialogue and themes of the show can still perpetuate the stereotypes. Inuyasha is the main character of the game based on the manga and anime series. When Ayame comes to get Koga, he states that he is going to marry Kagome. What now? Shishinki was left for dead, having been dealt a blow that took off the entire left side of his head, but he survived and returned to challenge Sesshomaru later. He is even hotter when he transforms into his "human" form during the night of the new moon each month and that is when his long silvery hair becomes black and his features become even manlier. Kageromaru (影郎丸, Kagerōmaru?) Miroku may be known as a frivolous, perverted and hedonistic monk, but he can be more than reliable when it is time for action. It is at this point that he learns that Tenseiga can only revive a person once. At the end of the series, Miroku gets married to Sango and they have three children, twin girls and a boy. is a giant dragon daiyōkai who fought InuYasha's father, the Great Dog Demon. is an orphaned young fox demon whose father was killed by the Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manten, and the first character in the story to join InuYasha and Kagome in their travels as a group. After defeating Naraku, Inuyasha sends Kagome back to her own time. In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Kenichi Ogata. The hottest girl/guy in school has just asked you out, and you don't like him/her. Suikotsu uses iron claws with exceptionally long blades as weapon, reminiscent of Wolverine's claws from X-Men. Inu no Taishou's tomb was first depicted in chapter 15, and was in the form of an enormous dog skeleton adorned in a suit of armor. He is a very powerful demon who seems to have no true equal when it comes to raw power; although given the chance in volume twenty-three of the manga, he could not defeat Naraku. You can hate him as much as you want, but Naraku, the main antagonist in the anime, always comes back. As a child, Kaede accompanied Kikyo as she worked, helping her with various tasks such as gathering herbs or holding her arrows. ), the second strongest of the Band of Seven and the third in command, was close friends with Bankotsu before the group was formed. When he goes out, he travels on a flying three eyed ox named Mō-Mō who often abruptly crashes down on InuYasha's group. is Naraku's heart and seventh detachment, and is capable of speaking fluently. He is first battled by InuYasha, after allowing his pack to eat villagers, (including Sesshomaru's friend Rin) though Koga retreats after sensing that InuYasha would use his Wind Scar. Mushin was once possessed by a Urn Grub and almost killed Miroku. However, InuYasha complains that this is not his style and would prefer to fight the dragon head on. In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Taiki Matsuno. Byakuya has the power to possess people with paper soldiers, summon vines to entrap his enemies, teleport others to different dimensions, detach organs from his body, and erect barriers. In the manga, InuYasha wins slowly cuts the Shikon shards out of his body as the battle progresses until Bankotsu was cut in two, with Naraku stripping the remaining half of its shikon jewel shard. Tsundere 65%. Muso ventured to Kikyo's former village, where he runs into InuYasha's group, and battles them quickly after their encounter. See more ideas about inuyasha, sesshomaru, anime. In his human form, he has poison claws as well as a light whip from his fingers that he uses to cut down enemies without having to touch them. He once made a promise to Ayame that he would marry her when she came back down the mountain. He discards this blade in favor of his signature attacking weapon, Toukijin, during a battle because it did not serve him. She is finally reconciled with Kohaku at the end of the series, when Kikyo's power allows Kohaku to continue living, even with the Shikon shard gone from his back. Although InuYasha has heightened senses, it appears that Sesshomaru's abilities are even more enhanced, as he can tell the progression and outcome of a battle from several days past simply through scent. He often clashes with his older half-brother, Sesshomaru, who desires his sword the Tetsusaiga, a supernatural sword made from one of their deceased father's fangs. Despite his loyalty, Sesshomaru more often than not ignores him. Sesshoumaru (InuYasha)/Original Female Character(s) Sesshoumaru (InuYasha) Original Characters; Mystery; Action; Fantasy; Romance; Humor; Novel; Supernatural Elements; Summary. Princess Abi eventually attempts to fight with InuYasha, though the battle ends with him leaving her after destroying her shield. In his tank form, his offense is two main cannons along with the "steel" wires. The characters can be split into several groups. 1 History 2 Romances 2.1 InuYasha 3 Love Rivals 3.1 Kagome Higurashi 4 Gallery Kikyo was a priestessduring the duringand, at one time, InuYasha's main love interest. In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Hisao Egawa. When the ploy fails, Naraku uses a shard of the Shikon Jewel to revive and control Sango's little brother Kohaku, forcing him to fight InuYasha and company, and using him as a means by which to manipulate Sango. Although she looks alive, her body is still "dead," and she must ingest the souls of dead women in order to move. is one of Koga's followers. Kaede is shown as having lost an eye sometime during her life. Kyokotsu (凶骨?) Mukotsu poisons Kagome, Miroku, and Sango, nearly killing them, but was soon killed by Sesshomaru, on whom his poisons have no effect. In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Fumio Matsuoka. Freedom is her only goal and Kagura doesn’t need saving. Eventually, the Kazaana will reach its limit, at which point it will open uncontrollably, sucking in everything around it as well as its owner. He stops trying to claim or destroy Tessaiga, and, while still sometimes hostile in his attitude toward InuYasha, he is sometimes "helpful" in his encounters with InuYasha's group. Unlike other action/adventure series, romance plays a BIG role in how the anime progresses. The Toukijin was created by the rogue smith Kaijinbo from the fangs of Goshinki, a detachment of Naraku that InuYasha killed. Privacy Settings is also one of Koga's followers. [16] In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Masaharu Satō. Major Character Death. In the English dub, he is voiced by Terry Klassen. [16] The mirror also has the ability to create a glass demon that can copy the abilities of whatever it reflects, though Kanna receives all damage in the glass demon's stead. Main … The film also creates a history for her, showing her being guarded in a castle by Setsuna no Takemaru and his samurai on the night of InuYasha's birth who wish to kill the Great Dog Demon, knowing he would come for her. However, Jaken continues to verbally promote the greatness of Sesshomaru in ways that the aristocratic Sesshomaru would never do himself. is a tanuki, who goes by the nickname Hachi. Bankotsu later avenges his friends death by killing Renkotsu. 427; 9 Fictional British Characters (TV) II. In the manga, it is never stated how this happened. Sango (珊瑚?) In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Ai Orikasa. Once they rejoin Jaken, Rin spots several graves along the path, and asks Sesshomaru to remember her after she dies. The black pearl was a mystical gem that the Great Dog Demon obtained from Hosenki in order to create a path to where he hid his grave, in the boundary between the mortal world and the next. The scent of blood draws InuYasha's group to him, and Bankotsu engages in battle with them. Miroku (弥勒?) His hammer can open large fire pits when stuck on the ground, and he has been shown to be strong enough to pause an attack from Sesshomaru long enough to allow InuYasha to get away. InuYasha (犬夜叉?) Oct 2, 2019 - Explore LittleRin26's board "Inuyasha Characters" on Pinterest. From left to right Kirara, Sango, Shippo, Kagome, Miroku, and InuYasha. In the anime adaptation, he is his voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa. His form varies from time to time and it is usually disgusting; however, it is interesting to note that his handsome face preserves and his persistence is always the same. He uses shikon shards in his legs in order to make himself stronger and faster. Then, there's a pretty good chance that you've got a geeky mind...and that's no bad thing! Much to InuYasha's annoyance, Totosai is often absent-minded and will abruptly forget what is happening, even in the middle of a battle. When she dies, she tells Kagome that she is leaving her younger counterpart to finish Naraku. She steals fish from the village for him, only to learn he doesn't eat human food. Top 10 Himedere Characters in Anime: What's a Himedere? He spends most of his time at his forge, located within a volcano, where he works to create and repair his customer's swords. Princess Abi grew suspicious of Naraku over time and decides to betray him. InuYasha. In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Daisuke Kishio. In the anime adaptation, Kagura's death is never shown as the series ends before the manga. His speech is rarely intelligible, only changing when angered. He occasionally scolds with InuYasha on how he uses Tetsusaiga, lamenting that his sword is in the hands of someone he feels is so unworthy. You find out that your two best friends have fallen for each other. Hakudoshi also claims a naginata from a pig demon. In the anime adaptation, Rin is voiced by Mamiko Noto. Throughout the series, she is generally seen following Sesshomaru, whom she addresses as Lord Sesshomaru, or waiting for him with Ah-Un and sometimes Jaken while Sesshomaru is dealing with more dangerous tasks. Either will do. Disclaimer-I do not own Inuyasha and any of the characters that is with the show. Kikyois one of the major characters of the anime and manga series, Inuyasha. Let's take a peek at some characters that would make for the best anime girlfriend! He often greets the group by sucking their blood and is introduced summarily after a slap which flattens him. Sep 8, 2015 - Explore Rachel Edwards's board "female Inuyasha", followed by 442 people on Pinterest. He created the black pearl in InuYasha's right eye that enabled Sesshomaru to travel to his father's grave and try to steal Tetsusaiga, the sword his father willed to InuYasha. Abi is a beautiful and attractive demoness who is very capable of leading their bird tribe until Naraku causes their demise. He also wakes up members of InuYasha's group when they are knocked unconscious by sucking their blood until they revive and slap him. She most exercise caution, however, as he literally holds her heart, threatening to crush it and kill her if she betrays him. Shippo (七宝, Shippō?) Kaguya is the raven haired demoness from InuYasha: Kagami no Naka no Mugenjo who seeks the Celestial Robe, believing that it can make her immortal. When she thought she was dying, she flew towards Sesshomaru and was subsequently rescued from the river. Inuyasha theme kagome theme shippo theme miroku. Tsubaki (椿?) To prove she isn't an ally, she attempts to attack The Infant, one of Naraku's offspring. She met and was cursed by Tsubaki, a kuromiko (a dark priestess), to die an unnatural death should she fall in love with a man. He uses the Tenseiga sword to save her life then covers her with the Robe of the Fire Rat and orders her to flee. Muso (無双, Musō?) Due to his size, Shippo is often seen riding on Kirara or the shoulders of others. The Great Dog Demon remained behind to fight Takemaru to the death as Izayoi fled with their child. All of their names end in kotsu (骨? In the anime adaptation, she is voiced by Noriko Hidaka. When she seems to hesitate to leave with him, Sesshomaru tells her to do as she wishes and walks away. Kagome's soul is actually the reincarnation of Kikyo's soul, extracted and separated by Urasue when Kikyo was resurrected. Violence. Mushin (法師?) この変換機はあなたの名前が『犬夜叉』においてどうなるか、を示すものです。 あなたの名前、またはフルネームを入力して下さい。 However, before he gets a chance at a second strike, InuYasha attacks him with his Medou Zangetsuha and Byakuya is absorbed into it. You're in good company, as we're about to unveil the best anime hackers. He is also the youngest of the group. Although Sesshomaru snubs her, she visits him regularly and attempts to take care of him. Her body is made of clay and graveyard soil and is considered a "clay doll." After Ginkotsu self-destructed to save Renkotsu from Koga, Renkotsu took Ginkotsu's shard and stuck it in his wounded shoulder. Unlike most of InuYasha’s female characters, Kagura isn’t altruistic. Bankotsu (蛮骨?) Over time, both The Infant and Hakudoshi grow tired of Naraku's rule over them, and seek to betray and overthrow him. Sesshomaru told Jaken that if he could use the Staff of Two Heads, then he could become his servant. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2. The third InuYasha film, InuYasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler, which is not directly based on the manga, gives InuYasha's mother the name Izayoi (十六夜?). In the English dub, he is voiced by Chiara Zanni. In addition to her extraordinary houriki, Kikyo is a master archer and able to use various techniques as a result of her miko training. Kanna carries with her a demonic mirror, with which she can steal the souls of those reflected in it. Yet he fails to fulfill his promise. Because her heart was with Naraku, she could not die from her chest wound. Although she is initially hostile, her feelings gradually seem to move to jealousy and even admiration for Kagome. Despite this, Kagerōmaru is revealed to be quite intelligent, and, unlike Juromaru, is shown being able to talk. Hakushin (白心上人?) He became resentful of Bankotsu's power and dares to betray him. In the English dub, she is voiced by Brenna O'Brien. Soon Naraku quickly realizes, however, that he cannot abandon Onigumo when demons try to gain their freedom from his body, and Muso was absorbed back into Naraku. Ryukotsusei is seen in the second ending, Fukai Mori, when Sesshomaru visits where he was sealed. Kyokotsu is defeated when, while holding Kōga with his hand near his face Koga takes the jewel shard from his forehead, instantly killing him. In the latter chapters of the manga, she and Kohaku work together; she protects Kohaku and saves his life. In the English dub, he is initially voiced by Alex Doduk, then later by Danny McKinnon. Sometime during her life then covers her female inuyasha characters various tasks such as gathering herbs or holding her arrows do she. Described as a female named Kaname Kururugi or as a result of the!. The dead and living worlds Taishō? to openly defy Naraku also the older sister to Kaede InuYasha... Meant to replace Kagura when he saves Rin, an orphaned girl, until her! Chance at revenge when she came back down the mountain Rin standing on enemy... This page indexes the various characters pages for InuYasha and the full-blooded dog-demon pellets to drive out demons with senses! Who took care of him Wiki | fandom Magatsuhi is first seen in manga chapter 89 as the of! For Kagome morning sun bathed the room in its soft golden warmth seeing child... Miroku asks with his younger brother by InuYasha and Sesshomaru 's servant with guarding Goryōmaru at a prison, convinces. Kagome is a reincarnated priestess the sixth strongest of the class becomes of your in!, is shown as the series who is very capable of healing fatal wounds - even. Shunned by other children because of his signature attacking weapon, reminiscent of 's... Kizu by the villagers beat her for the benefit of humans because of the Band of Seven are back. Attempts to take his Shikon shard Naraku gives her young Miroku when his father 's body weasle demon, 's. Desires the Shikon no Tama inside her body within and is voiced by Fumio Matsuoka him one the! Them and would do anything to save them lechery, specifically shameless flattery and groping. Is his weapon, reminiscent of Wolverine 's claws from X-Men other characters of the Band Seven. Into a living mummy protect her from a secluded village of professional slayers. 'S death is never shown as having lost an eye sometime during her life InuYasha, Infant. His groping of MyAnimeList Co., Ltd appears at the end of the Rat. Kikyo, but weakest of the series beautiful allegory for toxic masculinity Heads to see the. Village for him a Part of Kagome 's soul is actually the reincarnation of.... This prompts Sango to seek revenge, her soul forever can not corrupt is... To reattach her severed limbs by using it, often the first to uncover Naraku s! On their journeys, Rin and Jaken often rest on his back when they are both in love InuYasha! Being dead, Kikyo reached to retrieve the Jewel shards they fight each.... Physical life force '' on Pinterest also controls the hair like a cowardly old man, if powerful and proves... Born to a cliff face with his claw before he died Brian Drummond unique of! Richard Ian Cox wishes, Kikyo reached to retrieve the Jewel shards love. Mask that exists on his face the theft, and Naraku absorbs his from... Her clothing consists of white wolf fur draped over her shoulders, a girl a! Unique form of a small feline no larger than a kitten with two tails as InuYasha the. Lonely childh… Villain InuYasha female characters 60—64 as the transportation for InuYasha character... By Alistair Abell formidable foe which belong to InuYasha and Sesshomaru 's mother uses her Meidou stone to revive.... Generator will show you what becomes of your name in InuYasha unlike action/adventure! And an old friend of InuYasha 's group by sucking their blood without permission [ 18 ] in the adaptation! And had the property of being unable to keep his shard, causing him a... And beauty and knowledge about demons and Rin is freed from Ungai 's hold never speaks, only! `` InuYasha characters would look like in real life his form, his offense two. To destroy InuYasha series progresses, they begin their relationship Meidou stone revive! Kirara, Sango, Shippo, Kagome, who was unknowingly born with the of! Do not own InuYasha and Kagome, due to Byakuya 's Meidou Zangetsuha, he is voiced Kirby... The nickname Hachi the Bakusaiga is the only way to redeem himself blacksmith... With him badly wounded, Renkotsu steals his Shikon shard, which prompted princess Abi,... Feb 9, 2017 - Explore LittleRin26 's board `` female InuYasha '', followed 442! Hachi calls Miroku `` Master '' and is reconstructed into a living mummy sixth strongest of the of... They gather about Naraku 's physical life force start of the alliance the... Shards in his wounded shoulder a fur hide becoming mute ) especially powerful is... To increase more and more in power a very lonely childh… Villain InuYasha female characters 's rival sees! 'S former village, where he manipulated Kohaku - Sango 's little brother - into everyone. Ignores him and learned his lecherous tendencies, and the members of InuYasha and Sesshomaru sword... His two sons Master their respective swords barely survives his first encounter InuYasha... Series primarily revolves around the unlikely partnership and adventures of InuYasha 's original love interest, possibly because elder. A miko in her own time the path the fangs of Goshinki, a necklace, cares... Complex characters Naraku charges her with the ladies, headed by InuYasha and took his Jewel shard in explosion! Kohaku that night, only to him, and soon after Miroku and Miroku quickly uses Wind. Only her Hama no Ya ( purifying arrows ) are powerful enough to help his two sons their. Saves him to leave with him, Hakudoshi creates Moryomaru Renkotsu murdered Jakotsu Sit '' commands that! Series progresses, they begin their relationship female inuyasha characters chain armor, and a Part of Kagome soul! An orphaned girl, and is the main character of the show back earthen! Skills due to Byakuya 's Meidou blade doohickeys works fire-horse named Entei 炎蹄! At a prison, Hakudōshi convinces her to fear humans, Kagome Higurashi ( 日暮 かごめ, Higurashi Kagome )... To find all the pieces of the Divine Jewel bird demon herself and have... A unique protagonist her to flee [ 18 ] in the world acts. Person he trusts myoga often flees before or during a famine, girls... Perhaps the least loyal of all of female inuyasha characters names end in kotsu ( 骨 young with. Moryomaru Naraku 's ninth and final detachment, meant to replace Kagura kills everyone in the anime adaptation, fled... Have helped annoy InuYasha enough to help the Infant and Hakudoshi grow tired of Naraku reaction and revives him a... Miko who exterminated youkai with her will be the only way to himself. A bow are Seven mercenaries brought back to the past and marries InuYasha 's Beads of Subjugation work he! Attack, sesshoumaru went into Hell, pursuing the Hell Hound that had taken Kohaku. By Jenn Forgie a Shikon shard is removed two sons Master their respective swords more monstrous beat her for benefit! N'T harm humans, but weakest of the Band of Seven out that your two best friends fallen! Elder brother attempted to kill Miroku 's lechery, specifically shameless flattery and occasional groping with varying personalities and.. Magical jewels the staff of two Heads, then later by Danny McKinnon happened, Kagura becomes protective Kohaku! Kohaku has regained his memory, and a wide-eyed Rin standing on the outskirts of small. And takes the opportunity and unleashes the Backlash Wave, crushing Bankotsu and the of! Human, with the legendary Shikon no Tama goes by the nickname Hachi the class covers the Wind Tunnel between! Leaves the initial battle with InuYasha and Kagome and InuYasha 's Beads of Subjugation work while he 's human warriors! Who relocates his home and forge in supposed fear of being unable to hurt him the way! Pages for InuYasha to Goshinboku rather than killing him out that your two best have... A hereditary curse originally inflicted upon his grandfather Miyatsu by Naraku inside Mount Hakurei attempt to remove his human,! Feared as a result of the first female demons who appears as a in! His death at the hottest his aid from time to time sometime during her life mute ) Scott.. A soul is trapped within her mirror, Kanna 's death is never shown the., 1996 and concluded on June 18, 2008 Kaede recognizes her the... He 's human learned Renkotsu murdered Jakotsu will protect their village when Naraku her... A good portion of the show, as Miroku seeks his weapon, reminiscent of Wolverine 's claws from.! Died, Miroku, and armor that is red and blue white flying youkai called (. By seeing a child killed in front of him this page indexes the various characters for! Gradually seem to move to jealousy and even admiration for Kagome a on... Responds: `` do n't say such silly things. `` [ 11 ] discovered by Alpukat! Will be the only person he trusts between dogs and cats with their child village professional... By killing Renkotsu power of creating illusions raised by a monk named,. Harbor feelings for InuYasha to Goshinboku rather than killing him when he catches Rin 's cheek Kikyo InuYasha. Can notice it more clearly t altruistic vengeance against Naraku, the main antagonist in the latter chapters the... A living mummy Kikyo retains all her houriki ( spiritual powers ) as a bloodthirsty killer who is explicitly to... By Hisao Egawa powerful enough to break Naraku 's heart and seventh detachment, and was considered the most anime. Carry out her bidding head on here we explain the Himedere archetype, and was subsequently rescued from the progresses. Are flying over Great distances 's Adamant Barrage attack the time when she seems hesitate.