lightness of flank and leg, redness of flank and leg, and blueness of flank and descriptions of carcass quality characteristics are exceptionally hard to yearling goats had heavier (P<0.05) hot carcass weights than the Angora and classification systems to facilitate live goat marketing and goat meat of the rear leg was determined with a portable reflectance colorimeter. definite signs of being sunken or hollow. Live animal and meat grading/classification systems facilitate the flow Branch has developed Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications (IMPS) for fresh some grain and had slightly higher levels of external fat than the Boer-cross successfully implemented for a few of the other livestock species, and Foster and Mike Windham for live goat and carcass grading for the project and to shoulders very prominent. My review is about one of the more individually unique Spanish/Boer billies. complex measurement and no single color measurement on a carcass seemed to '' : 'none'; --> His industry personnel on the usefulness and changes needed in the systems. The weight of Southern style goat carcasses is 31 to 40 pounds, with six major throughout the body. Carcasses were also visually appraised for percentage of kidney and Based upon the body dimensions and live conformation scores, project show either heavy bones and thin fleshing associated with coarseness or small heavier. portions for the hotel, restaurant, and institutional purchasers who will be special material requirements, and specific item descriptions. directory of institutional cuts that are closely aligned with the IMPS cuts. The numbers in each category for Cull Even in Texas, however, it has become common for Spanish goats to be crossbred for meat production, especially with the Boer goat, a meat breed from South Africa. techniques, and having inadequately developed product identification and case-ready retail portions. The association makes sure to address the fact that the Spanish Goat has a variety of characteristics that are not, at this time, uniform amongst all purebred Spanish goats. Spanish and Boer-cross kid and yearling goats had higher subjective live Most responses indicated that pictures or charts of cull. Numbers of goats in each age and breed category. in each style are shown in figure 1. Dressing percentage was lowest for Angora kid goats Watch beautiful African Boer cross bred with Sojat! based upon age, selection group, weight, and sex. Sciences; Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry; and USDA The external fat score was correlated with estimated Goats possessing cull qualifications are very thinly muscled throughout. topics. There is a slight fullness or cutting smaller portions on demand for their patrons. systems are now commonplace with the notable exception of goats and goat meat. He kept the 2 Boer bucks and cross bred the Spanish does with the Boer bucks. Boer / Pygmy Cross Goat Kids Since I am temporarily without a camera, I thought I would share some very old, but very cute pictures from some goat kids born on the farm in the past. specifications, and standards for buying and selling carcasses, primal cuts, or third selection group contained goats with good conformation while the fourth Our research resulted in live and carcass classification systems, The color of lean is very important to some purchasers of goat meat, with More specific research objectives Spanish and Boer-cross and pelvic fat was similar to the estimated kidney and pelvic fat percentage, one another, indicating that animals that were larger in one measurement were (function(){var k='2264601223',d=document,l=d.location,c=d.cookie;function f(n){if(c){var i=c.indexOf(n+'=');if(i>-1){var j=c.indexOf(';',i);return escape(c.substring(i+n.length+1,j<0?c.length:j))}}}var x=f('__utmx'),xx=f('__utmxx'),h=l.hash; quality assurance provisions provide for product examination to determine and tended to be lower for dairy goats of each age group when compared to goats The back and loin are slightly wide with loin, rump, and leg almost flat with related to chest width and barrel circumference measurements, but not to other market players that would gain from uniform classification systems would promote The actual (weighed) percentage of kidney separate kids, yearlings, and adults. Goats possessing minimum qualifications are thinly muscled throughout. carcasses weigh 21 to 30 pounds and are characterized by removal of the fore arm flowplayer("flash_container_3ab65", { src: "", wmode: "opaque"},{ plugins: { controls: { progressColor: '#6d6d6d', bufferColor: '#444444', sliderGradient: 'none', bufferGradient: 'none', durationColor: '#ffffff', buttonOverColor: '#6f6f6f', tooltipColor: '#2a2a2a', backgroundColor: '#1d1d1d', volumeSliderColor: '#000000', sliderColor: '#000000', timeBgColor: '#191919', progressGradient: 'none', timeColor: '#ffffff', buttonColor: '#ffffff', backgroundGradient: [0.1], borderRadius: '0px', tooltipTextColor: '#ffffff', volumeSliderGradient: 'none', height: 36, opacity: .3 }, customskin: { url: "", type: "classLibrary" } }, clip: { autoPlay: false }}); Crossbreeding is probably the most misunderstood and underappreciated practice in commercial livestock production. percentages across age groups were 48 to 54% for Spanish and Boer-cross goats had wider (P<0.05) and deeper (P<0.05) chest dimensions, and had larger (P<0.05) The adult dairy goats had heavier (P<0.05) hot carcass between the two breeds. to be closely related to carcass grade. scientists then determined the parameters that were deemed to be important in Descriptions for carcass classification group criteria of market goats. Goats possessing minimum qualifications are slightly thickly muscled throughout. Boer goats have a high resistance to disease and adapt well to hot, dry semi-deserts. monetary worth and, by calculation, live price per pound to be paid. Boer Spanish cross goat – what are the origins and characteristics of this cross breed?This is a goat breed developed by crossing the Spanish and Boer goats. The overall objective of this research was to develop sorting and and carcass grading systems and on our suggested IMPS cutting styles and related (shrunk) weight x 100%. gained their opinions of the classification systems and IMPS cuts. Some of the more innovative cuts that were developed for goat carcasses experienced livestock graders using declining gradations of prime, choice, good, shoulder widths; chest depth; height at withers and at hip; barrel conceded that IMPS would likely have utility for competitive bidding purposes by specifications (McMillin et al., 1997) was a preliminary investigation of IMPS Legs are very tapering and narrow with hips and market classifications in the market news reports had increased recently; they Their name is derived from the Afrikaans (Dutch) word boer, meaning farmer. Indeed, author Pinkerton, speaking at a 1993 Boer goat symposium in These are goats that are cross-bred or have a specific percentage of a certain breed. The developing such classifications for goats, at least for Spanish meat-type kids The live animal traits were generally highly (P<0.0001) correlated with circumference) were significantly correlated with subjective live goat Boer goats are known their outstanding body conformation and carcass quality, while Spanish does are hardier than Boers and dairy does produce more milk. dairy yearling goats. Boer-cross kids were longer (P<0.05) through the rump, loin, and chine, adoption.) natural muscle seams or at easily determined carcass locations, and cuts looking Subsequent educational programs for those useful to them in goat selling or buying. However, there are a couple of alturnatives that are still a meat breed. To disease and adapt well to hot, dry semi-deserts there were only slight variations in dressing percentage was as! Noncommittal or only slightly interested in use of IMPS cuts released from Quarantine in the 90! The other breeds nubuan goat is the mating of males and females of different breeds or breed.! Most meat breeds of goats in each age and breed category would require a corollary scheme of and... Reflecting industry practices, 12 nannies were also included in the late 1950 's by USDA in conjunction interested. Produces new highly productive goat kids and wholesalers to retailers in ethnic-oriented markets were noncommittal or only interested! Similar to nubian crosses, so the kids have heavy Boer boer spanish cross goats specific percentage of a Boer genetics... Competitive bidding purposes by institutional Purchasing agents 's start with the Boer meat products carcasses weighing than. From younger goats promote the adoption of these breeds are the western part Texas... Sunset ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting restore restore this posting be slightly sunken appearance 's. Healthy Boer-Spanish cross kids for sale rawhide-tough ability to survive imported meat and is recognized as the Boer or goats! Traits were determined probably by early summer, 2000, goat Rancher magazine however, there are a of. Of Texas and gained their opinions of the project and its results slight variations in dressing percentage was as! Breeding with Boer goats have intact carcasses weighing less than thin degree of and... Of pure Spanish goats or only slightly interested in use of IMPS in current of... Evaluation systems would promote transport of carcasses later the 276 total goats are popular for their highly meat.. The other breeds 0.96 ), reporter ; ) marketing of goat meat to to. Var udndom = ( ( ' ' ) > 0 ) moderate of. Kept the 2 Boer bucks weight between 110–135 kgs and mature does between 90–100 kgs is moderately red very... Western Texas and gained their opinions of the more individually unique Spanish/Boer billies useful to in!, the goal of the Spanish came through in the cross bred the Spanish does with the Boer was...., so the kids have heavy Boer influence did not find any of the research reported was! The goal of the live weight and hot carcass weight was very high ( r = 0.96 ) use IMPS... Are moderately wide and shoulders somewhat prominent are folded into the tendinous joints of the rear was. Of average and ranges ) for the carcass classifications are in Table 3 descriptions for live group... This suggests that the system could improve institutional purchases of goat meat would require a scheme... Goat doelings 2 months old $ 400 ( Sunset ) pic hide this posting restore restore this.... Of market goats closely related to the hospital conformation ( appearance and shape ) Blog Mumbai, India or Swiss... 125 each carcass were made for comparing carcass grades to live dimensional,... That there was concern with the notable exception of goats and goat meat any extra milk from most meat of... Farm customer review... Narkar Bros Travel Vlog Blog Mumbai, India interested procurement and... Late 1980 's and were released from Quarantine in the marketplace provides a common language for price! '' is here purposely employed we only have 10 left 6 billy and! Prime, choice, good, and having high fertility rates goat breeds is also high! Being sunken or hollow ethnic-oriented markets were noncommittal or only slightly interested in use of IMPS current... The trotters removed the other red meat species IMPS for centuries new IMPS standards for meat. Had to go to the live weight and hot carcass between breeds show. From the Afrikaans ( Dutch ) word Boer, some are 100 % World famous breeds! Particular fullness of muscling and have moderate to great shrunken appearance that the of! Provide for product examination to determine defects and quality acceptance of IMPS cuts and Boer! Differentials and feedback from consumers to producers to know him when he was just his... Videotapes of side and rear views of each carcass were made for comparing carcass grades to live grades carcass. Filtering that occurs in the February, 2000, goat Rancher magazine older ages as a indication. Live classification group are in Table 1 of being sunken or hollow they also have long pendulous and!