Watch the mockumentary sitcom about the everyday lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin, a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 6 episodes 0 songs. 5 'Here Comes Treble, "The Cast Talks About The Office Halloween Episode", "The Office – You Gotta Have Faith – Video", "Marshfield native performs on 'The Office,' 'Pitch Perfect, "The Office Review: 'Here Comes Treble' (Episode 9.05)", "Trey Anastasio and Stephen Colbert 'Collaborate' on The Office", "Thursday Final Ratings: 'Big Bang Theory', 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Vampire Diaries' Adjusted Up; 'Parks & Rec', 'Up All Night', 'Rock Center', 'The Office', '30 Rock', 'Person of Interest' & Beauty & the Beast' Adjusted Down", "Thursday Final Ratings: 'Idol', 'Big Bang Theory', 'Grey's', 'The Vampire Diaries', 'Mentalist' & 'Missing' Adjusted Up; 'Scandal' Adjusted Down", "TV Review: The Office 9.5, 'Here Comes Treble,, Television episodes about mental illnesses, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 19:50. Darryl travels to Philadelphia with Pam to interview at Jim's new company; after a mixed interview, Darryl gets the job. Episodes are listed by the order in which they aired, and may not necessarily correspond to their production codes. [9] Krasinski ultimately continued to appear in every episode, but was frequently absent from the primary Scranton setting as part of a storyline that saw Jim begin a start-up business in Philadelphia. Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) finds an anti-anxiety pill on the floor and begins a search for the office "madman". Save. He was critical of the episode's Jim and Pam subplot, saying that it could have "been left on the cutting room floor. 3. 80. It was viewed by 3.32 million in this demographic. guest starred Aaron Rodgers, Clay Aiken, Mark McGrath, Santigold, and Jessica St. Clair, all playing themselves. She wrote that, "Each thread provided some interesting character development or set up future storylines, but, crammed together in the same 21 minutes, they made for a slightly disjointed-feeling episode. He returned in the episode "Couples Discount". [8] Andy is dressed as George Michael. "[87] The series finale, in particular, was praised by critics. Jim tries to pull it off but it doesn't work. "[77] Michael Tedder of Vulture commented that he was "willing to call it the fourth best season of the show overall, which is by no means faint praise. [65] The series hit an all-time low with the twentieth episode, "Paper Airplane", which was viewed by only 3.25 million viewers, and received a 1.7 rating/5 percent share. It stars Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Ed Helms, with supporting performances from Catherine Tate, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Creed Bratton, Clark Duke, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Ellie Kemper, Angela Kinsey, Jake Lacy, Paul Lieberstein, B. J. Novak, Oscar Nunez, Craig Robinson, and Phyllis Smith. COMPOSER. Devon Abner as Devon White, a former Dunder Mifflin Employee who was fired by Michael. The ninth season of The Office aired on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern) in the United States, as part of the Comedy Night Done Right television block. For his new job, Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) meets with investors. [29] Clark Duke and Lacy joined the cast as customer service representatives hired to deal with the many neglected customer service complaints Kelly has amassed over the years;[7] Lacy's character, Pete, is also a love interest for Erin. Though Erin sees the situation as trivial, she nonetheless demands that the group sing "Faith" for Andy. Pam and Jim spend time talking with Nellie and Toby respectively about their marital troubles and couples counselling. [58] Michael Imperioli guest starred in the episode "Livin' the Dream" as Sensei Billy, acting as a foil for Dwight. [67] This made it the highest-rated episode of the season; it also marked an increase in the previous season finale, which garnered only 4.49 million viewers. Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate) admits that the pill belongs to her; she explains that she doesn't want Dwight to find out, as she once saw him yell at Phyllis Vance (Phyllis Smith) for "sneezing incorrectly." However, an anonymous source "close to the show" said "don't rule anything out". [31] However, NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt later admitted during an interview that while he is "hopeful", he does not think Carell will return; he noted that Carell was satisfied with his character's exit and did not want to tarnish it. Find all 279 songs featured in The Office (US) Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Andy meets with a talent agent named Carla Fern (. ", received a glowing response from many critics. [40] Josh Groban reprised his role as Andy's brother, Walter Jr, appearing in the episode "The Boat". In the 146-second clip, Andy tells the office that the a cappella group is staying with Andy and Erin—Andy gets the basses and B-tones and Erin gets the tenors. 1. "[88] Nick Campbell of wrote that the episode was "just right" for the series. "Here Comes Treble" received mixed reviews from television critics, with many mainly criticizing Andy's characterization. 189 songs… Dwight and Angela participate in a paper airplane contest and compete against each other. [13] Daniels directed the first episode, which he also wrote. [34] Carell's personal representative confirmed that Carell was on the set for the final episode, but that he did not film any scenes. Krasinski and Helms were expected to appear in fewer episodes in order to film several upcoming movies. The ninth and final season of the American television comedy The Office premiered on NBC on September 20, 2012, and concluded on May 16, 2013, consisting of 25 episodes. Season 4. [79] She concluded that the finale was able to successfully return the series "to what had always been its heart—to have true fulfillment". The ninth season largely focuses on the relationship between Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam Halpert (Jenna Fischer). [14] Ken Kwapis directed the series finale; he also directed the show's pilot episode. [97] Dan Forcella of TV Fanatic criticized the reintroduction of the character in the episode "Promos", noting that his reappearance felt "forced". Club wrote an article that argued that the mockumentary format made the camera "an audience surrogate", and that by revealing the documentary crew, "the audience no longer felt welcome". Online Krasinski said that the producers were supposedly "still trying to figure out [Carell's] schedule" and that the finale "just wouldn't be the same without him". Episode 1 • The Dundies. The group mistakenly thought the song was to be dedicated to Andy, and they contacted Rob to sing it with them. The Office. Jim is forced to miss Cece's first recital after a major investor exits his company. Information taken from the citations under the "U.S. viewers (million)" column of the "Episodes" table. Others lauded the way the show was able to successfully wrap-up its story arcs. With Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms. [104][105][106] Rogers and Scanlon also won an American Cinema Editors award for Best Edited Half-Hour Series for Television. It guest stars Stephen Colbert as Andy's college friend Broccoli Rob and Ben Silverman as an investor.. [6] "Here Comes Treble" guest stars Stephen Colbert as Andy's college friend Broccoli Rob. Additionally, Wilson was initially slated to appear in only 13 episodes before leaving for a planned Dwight-centric spin-off,[5] but the spin-off was not picked up by NBC. [89] Other episodes were not received as positively. [19], Michael Tedder of New York felt that the main story was weak and that the "plot line might have made more sense last year, with Andy trying to take his mind off troubles with Erin or Robert California by trying to regress to his college days without it working, but these days Andy is the boss and has the girl." \"Karma Chameleon\" by Culture Club - performed by Here Comes Treble. [80] Many critics argued that the season was an improvement, in both writing and humor, over the previous season. "[38] Krasinski, on the other hand, explained that "It was so thrilling. The ninth season of The Office premiered from September 20, 2012 and ended on May 16, 2013. 16K. [17] Dan Forcella of TV Fanatic awarded the episode three-and-a-half stars out of five and called it "a nice enough holiday episode". [66] The series finale was viewed by 5.69 million viewers and received a 3.0 rating among adults between the ages of 18 and 49. Kratzer called Dwight and Nellie's subplot the "most successful story" in the episode. [20], "The Office Season 9, Ep. "Here Comes Treble" is the fifth episode of the ninth season of the American comedy television series The Office. Jim is upset with Pam because of her failure to record Cece's recital, but the argument quickly escalates into a major fight about Jim's business venture. [51] Former NBC co-chairman and The Office executive producer Ben Silverman had a minor recurring role as one of Jim's colleagues. With Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms. Explore exclusive The Office season 9 Music photo galleries only on [21] On May 7, NBC announced the series finale would be extended, and air in a 75-minute time slot. [48] David Koechner returned as Todd Packer in "The Farm". ", "Catherine Tate Set to Return to 'The Office' as Series Regular", "Videos/Steve Carell Returning to "The Office"? Season 9 The Office Critics Consensus. [6] Angela is dressed as former First Lady Nancy Reagan, with her husband State Senator Robert Lipton wearing a Ronald Reagan mask. Angela orders a hit on Oscar for cheating with her husband, the office makes a tower with their customer complaint cards, Jim wines and dines Stanley and Phyllis in exchange for a favor, and Pam begins her mural. This was largely due to the anticipated increase in viewership that the finale would bring. After her daycare turns away her child, Angela is forced to bring her kid to work. Behind-the-Scenes Panel Discussion (Blu-ray exclusive), This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 20:22. Here's every song featured in the hit US TV show, brought to you in chronological order! "Local Ad" is the ninth episode of the fourth season of the American comedy television series The Office, and the show's sixty-second episode overall. Erik Adams of The A.V. [47] In the episode "Promos", athlete Ryan Howard played a version of himself. [26] Mindy Kaling and B. J. Novak have much lesser roles as Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard, respectively. [9], Due to the nature of the episode, many of the characters are dressed as cultural icons and characters from fiction. [94] Verne Gay of Newsday called the scene a "historic" moment for the show. ", "Update: The Office Getting One-Hour Send-Off, NBC Boss Doubtful Steve Carell Will Return", "Will Michael Scott Return For 'The Office' Finale? In addition, the two are executive producers on the show. This season - Season 9 - of The Office is by far the WORST SEASON OF THE SHOW. Dwight spends the rest of the day trapped inside it and mentions how it wil… [67][68] "Finale" was the most watched episode of The Office since the eighth season episode "Pool Party", but ranked as the third-least watched finale of the series, following the eighth- and first-season finales. [96] The subplot involving Brian (played by Chris Diamantopoulos), a boom mic operator for the in-series documentary, was met with mostly negative reviews. He becomes increasingly frustrated when the group is not interested in talking about his glory days as part of the group, and upon learning that old bandmate Broccoli Rob (Stephen Colbert) claimed Andy's nickname of "Boner Champ", Andy complains to both Rob, via video chat, and to Erin Hannon (Ellie Kemper). Pam interviews for a job in Philadelphia, but her potential manager (, Oscar attends the funeral of Dwight's Aunt Shirley at Schrute Farms. [53][54][55][56] The fourteenth episode, "Junior Salesmen", featured several guest stars. Nellie accidentally outs Pete and Erin. [7] Former NBC Entertainment co-chairman Ben Silverman also guest stars as one of the investors who attends Jim's meeting. SONGS. [15] This means that it was seen by 1.9 percent of all 18- to 49-year-olds, and 5 percent of all 18- to 49-year-olds watching television at the time of the broadcast. [33][76] Based on seven critiques, review aggregation website Metacritic gave the ninth season of the show a 64 out of 100 rating, which denotes "generally favorable reviews". Dwight makes Angela jealous when he starts dating a Brussels sprout farmer, who Clark suspects may be trying to lure Dwight into a scam. When the party planning committee forgets to plan the annual Christmas party, Dwight gets everyone to celebrate with a traditional, Pam accidentally brings lice into the office but lets. [11] Guest directors for the season included noted actor Bryan Cranston, who directed the episode "Work Bus",[12] and filmmaker Jon Favreau, who directed the episode "Moving On". Down", "Ads for The Office Finale Could Go for $400,000", "Complete List Of 2012-13 Season TV Show Viewership: 'Sunday Night Football' Tops, Followed By 'NCIS,' 'The Big Bang Theory' & 'NCIS: Los Angeles, "IAM Rainn Wilson – Dwight From the Office and the Founder of SoulPancake – AMA! May 17 2013. Most of the main characters, and some supporting ones, are based on characters from the British version of The Office. Everyone's favorite workplace comedy, The Office, is now on Peacock! Meanwhile, Dwight finally receives his black belt in karate from his new sensei (, Jim convinces Dwight that he needs to choose someone to act as an Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager; the two subsequently hold tryouts for the position. Directed by Claire Scanlon. Jim tries to make Pam happy with some pie. Season 2 - Episodes. "[7][8] Daniels also said all the questions would be answered, such as who was behind the documentary, and why they had been filming it for so long, as well as the reveal of the Scranton Strangler. Club awarded the episode a "B–". [8] Damon Houx of ScreenCrush said that the episode was a "surprisingly strong Erin episode" and that "Dwight acting crazy was also well used". [72][75], The ninth season of The Office received moderately positive reviews from television critics. The show is based on the British comedy series of the same name, which was created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant for the BBC. [78] Emily VanDerWerff of The A.V. to be the forty-third most watched television series in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic. [11] The group also sings Cornell's alma mater. After inviting his former college a cappella group, Here Comes Treble, to perform for the office during Halloween, Andy gets angry when he hears that his college friend Broccoli Rob (, Andy must help his family when his dad loses all of their money. [10] During their Skype-argument Broccoli Rob mentions that he collaborated with Trey Anastasio, the frontman for the jam band Phish. After Andy returns from his boat trip, Erin decides that she is going to break up with him so that she can be with Pete, but Pete begins to doubt her. [83] Reiher also praised the episode's two subplots, writing that "drunk Darryl and Die Hard" helped produce "a classic episode of The Office that brought back the warm and fuzzy feelings of the early seasons of the show. Probably me", "Bryan Cranston to Direct Episode of 'The Office, "The Office Exclusive: Jon Favreau to Direct! [96] Daniels later revealed in an interview that the subplot was a red herring to keep viewers emotionally invested in Pam and Jim's story. "[5] Brent Forrester, who had been a consulting producer and writer since the third season was promoted to executive producer, alongside new series writer Dan Sterling. "[9] Daniels consulted with Kemper and asked for her input, as he felt she had the best understanding of Erin's characterization. [74] In terms of viewers, the ninth season ranked as the lowest-rated season of The Office, although it beat the first season's ranking, which was the 102nd most watched program for the 2004–05 year. Furthermore, he praised many of her lines and her acting ability. While everyone panics about their secrets being revealed, Pam reflects upon how much she and Jim have changed over the past nine years. Home Latest Film TV Club Music Games Video TV Reviews Reviews And more. It is the final season of the American series and consisted of 22 episodes. [76] Entertainment website Holy Moly named the series one of the best shows during the 2012–13 season, writing that "this final season of The Office has been great" largely due to the fact that "every single relationship in the show rings true with the audience. Schulz. Dwight prepares for a marriage proposal and hires an assistant for his assistant, Andy auditions for a singing program, Darryl tries to leave his job without a fuss, and Pam has second thoughts about Jim staying in Scranton. [25] As such, Helms made only a small appearance in "The Whale" and was absent from the following eight episodes. [13], "Here Comes Treble" originally aired on NBC on October 25, 2012. [30], Kinsey and Wilson also noted that the cast and crew could neither "confirm nor deny" but were "hoping" for a return of Steve Carell as Michael Scott. In order to play a Halloween prank on his coworkers, Dwight wears a jack-o'-lantern on his head and succeeds in scaring Erin. ^* denotes an extended 75-minute episode (with advertisements; actual runtime around 52 minutes). [4] Helms was temporarily written out of the series with a storyline that saw his character travel to the Caribbean with his brother on a boat. \"\"Eternal Flame\" by The Bangles - played during Angela's video for Comstock 2. 10K. After Jim returns, he tells Pam during the Here Comes Treble's performance, and they start arguing during the singing. He explained, "we never intended him to actually [interfere with Pam and Jim's marriage], but wanted people to worry about it so they would be engaged in the story. Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam Halpert (Jenna Fischer) fight over his new job. [50] The episode "Lice" guest starred Julius Erving playing himself as an investor in Jim's sports marketing business. In the final shot, Andy gives the group nihilistic advice about the future before he sings "Faith". This is the second season not to star Steve Carell as lead character Michael Scott, although he returned for a cameo appearance in the series finale. Exhausted after climbing the stairs, Stanley refuses to go back down in order to close a sale with one of their bigger clients. [84][85][86][87] Alan Sepinwall of HitFix wrote that the episode was "surprisingly ... terrific in most areas. The Office's final season returns the series to fine form, balancing the funny with the heartfelt and reminding viewers what made the show great. One year later, Dunder Mifflin employees past and present reunite for a panel discussion about the documentary and to attend Dwight and Angela's wedding. The title is a reference to Andy's college a cappella group, which had previously been alluded to in the series, but never actually shown. Several former cast members returned for guest appearances, including. [8] White wrote that his cameo was not "quite the sublime experience I was hoping for" largely due to the amount of anticipation that was put into his appearance. [8] For the episode, Wilson's character is dressed up as a pig. VIEWS. [59] The episode "A.A.R.M." Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) is finally promoted to regional manager. Livin' the Dream " is the twenty-first episode of the ninth season of the American comedy television series The Office and the 197th episode overall. 19 episodes 6 songs. Vocals by Fin Muir. Although the investing window had closed, Jim insists on taking part and offers $10,000 under pressure—much more than he and Pam Halpert (Jenna Fischer) had agreed to. E! Next. 25 episodes 42 songs. Nellie partners with him in the investigation in order to escape his suspicions, but ultimately confesses that the pill belongs to her. Following the decline in ratings from the previous year, the ninth season of The Office managed to stabilize around 4 million viewers per episode. "Finale" is the last episode of the American comedy television series The Office. The season ranked as the ninety-fourth most watched television series during the 2012–13 television year and saw a decrease in ratings from the previous season. [10] Bonnie Stiergnberg of Paste felt that the episode was too rushed and that the storylines did not have a chance to naturally play out. With Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms. The ninth season of the show was produced by Reveille Productions and Deedle-Dee Productions, both in association with Universal Television. Andy battles rude comments on the Internet. TV Reviews The Office 5/17/13. It's like there's a clock ticking". The episode originally aired on NBC on October 25, 2012. "Finale" was nominated for three awards at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, and won for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series. Someone vandalizes Pam's warehouse mural. Angela goes to Dwight for help when she learns that her husband is having an affair with Oscar. Adams compared Colbert's cameo to former lead actor Steve Carell's appearance in the first series of the BBC Two sitcom Life's Too Short, calling it "an unfortunate echo". According to Michael Ausiello of TVLine, the nature of their relationship was heavily debated by the writers and producers; he noted that "the triangle [between Andy, Erin, and Pete] has stirred up a number of debates in the writers room, which tells me even they don't know at this point which guy Erin will choose. [14] The episode was viewed by 4 million viewers and received a 1.9 rating/5% share among adults between the ages of 18 and 49. [12] Pam and Jim later get in an argument about the 1962 novelty song "The Monster Mash". Kevin learns a secret about Oscar. This marked the first time that he had both written and directed an episode of The Office since the fourth season entry "Fun Run". [63] The episode was viewed by 4.28 million viewers and became the lowest-rated season premiere for the series. Andy decides to pursue a career as a professional actor, and quits his job at Dunder Mifflin. "Here Comes Treble" is the fifth episode of the ninth season of the American comedy television series The Office. The show is known for its large cast size, many of whom are known particularly for their improvisational work. 20 Sep 2005 5 songs. [6], Due to the presence of the a cappella group, the episode features several songs. Roseanne Barr guest stars in this episode as well. So this is it, the end. [6], In a conference call on August 21, 2012, Daniels announced that this would be the final season of the series. ", "The Office's Ellie Kemper on Erin and Pete, a Very Dwight Christmas and Mindy Project", "John Krasinski Directing something funny in this weeks episode. After Jim decides to follow his dream and start a sports marketing company in Philadelphia, Pam begins to worry about moving, and the couple's relationship experiences stress. The Office - Season 9. Meanwhile, Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), with the help of Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate) tries to track down a person who is using prescription anxiety pills. Directed by David Rogers. Andy auditions for "The Next Great A Cappella Sensation". On Halloween, the Cornell a Capella group pays a visit to Andy, Dwight discovers that Nellie takes anxiety pills, and Pam disapproves of Jim's business decision. [35] Carell, however, did end up returning for the finale; his character, Michael Scott, becomes Dwight's best man at his wedding. SONGS. [64] For the first sixteen episodes, the series was able to maintain roughly 4 million viewers. 4. [34] TVLine later reported on May 6, that Carell would appear in a cameo, although NBC declined to comment and Carell's representatives continued to deny the reports. 3. [52] He appeared in the episodes "Here Comes Treble", "Suit Warehouse", "Customer Loyalty", and "Moving On". Online named the reveal one of the "Best TV Moments of the Week". \"She's Got A Way\" by Billy Joel - performed by Roy at his wedding. [36][37], Stephen Colbert guest starred in the Halloween episode as Broccoli Rob, a former member of Here Comes Treble, Andy's a cappella group. Wilson said, "it's getting real. [43][44][45][46][47] Although cast member Zach Woods' series regular contract was not renewed for the season, he returned to the series as a guest star, in the episode "Moving On". List of Songs from THE OFFICE - Season 1, w/ scene descriptions, broken down by episode. The ninth and final season of the American television comedy The Office premiered on NBC on September 20, 2012, and concluded on May 16, 2013, consisting of 25 episodes. "[18] IGN reviewer Cindy White awarded the episode a 7.9 rating, denoting a "good" episode. [18] Although this never came to fruition, exterior shots of the real Scranton bar The Bog were featured in the tenth episode "Lice".