The text is often idiosyncratic and grammatically incorrect. For instance, on December 28, 2010, 4chan and other websites went down due to such an attack, following which Poole said on his blog, "We now join the ranks of MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, et al.—an exclusive club! In February 2010, a photoshopped version of Pedobear appeared along with mascots of the 2010 Winter Olympics in an article on the games in Gazeta Olsztyńska, a Polish newspaper. [46]​, También en 2008, un usuario de 4chan hackeó el correo electrónico de Sarah Palin (candidata a la vicepresidencia de los Estados Unidos). "[20], The site was launched as on October 1, 2003 by Christopher Poole, a then-15-year-old student from New York City using the online handle "moot". The adult brony fandom of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic grew from its 4chan roots. [213], On March 20, 2019, Australian telecom company Telstra denied access to millions of Australians to 4chan, 8chan, Zero Hedge and LiveLeak as a reaction to the Christchurch mosque shootings. Foro de automotores e incluso modelos de carreras. February 14, 2011", "4chan Linked To Federal Kiddie Porn Probe: NCIS: Sailor obtained illicit images from popular site. Subforo dedicado a la valoración y crítica de ilustraciones propias. [170] The post, accompanied by an image of another man holding a shotgun, threatened a shopping mall near Beverly Hills. A "capcode" may be used to attribute the post to "Anonymous ## Mod", although moderators often post without the capcode. [215][216], New Zealand ISPs in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings, As explained by Poole during a live-video online interview with, ie North American athletic types, not Scotsmen, Anthony McCosker, Sonja Vivienne, Amelia Johns (Oct 12, 2016), United States of America v. David Kernell. These events were described as a "civil war" internal to 4chan. [181], Collin Campbell, a U.S. Navy Machinist's Mate, was arrested in February 2011 after a fellow seaman found child pornography on his iPhone that he downloaded entirely from 4chan. [124][119] The article was shared on /co/, where the alarmist tone of the essay provoked heightened interest in the show, resulting in praise for its plot, characters, and animation style. It would promote quite an ignorant, not very uniform view of 4chan. Nipo T. Strongheart (May 15, 1891 – December 31, 1966) was known as a lecturer on the Chautauqua circuit, a performer in Wild West shows, and a technical advisor to Hollywood film producers. Her rise to exposure began in late 2008 and early 2009, surrounding self-made videos that were initially made to be posted to her Gaia Online profile. [147] Later the same year, 4chan made numerous disruptive pranks directed at singer Justin Bieber.[148]. Originalmente 4chan albergaba su foro de discusión sobre un dominio aparte llamado "world4ch", pero este se movió posteriormente al sub-dominio [69] The board quickly attracted posters with a political persuasion that later would be described with a new term, the alt-right. [45], In October 2016, it was reported that the site was facing financial difficulties that could lead to its closure or radical changes. Se recomienda no subir fotos aleatorias. [164] He was arrested before school began that day. Guys' Interest Mounts in Girly TV Show", "My Little Pony Corrals Unlikely Fanboys Known as 'Bronies, "My Little Pony: the Hip, New Trend Among the Geekerati", "A photo of a 4chan post sold for almost $100,000, because 'art, "4chan screenshot sells for $90K on eBay", "Framed 4chan post 'sells' for $90,000 on eBay, screenshot of auction now up for bidding", "eBay Bidder Buys 4chan Screenshot, as Art, for $90,000", "FDNY Reviewed 4chan Post About Jeffrey Epstein's Death", "FDNY reviews reports of Epstein death leaked on 4Chan", "4chan users seize Internet's power for mass disruptions", "4Chan's half-hack of Palin's email goes awry", "Who's to blame for spreading phony Jobs story? [202] The photos were widely shared on Instagram and other sites, particularly on 4chan where many users mocked and celebrated her death, saying she deserved it and praising the killer while depicting Devins as a manipulative young woman. However, due to acute steel shortages in Britain, the order was continually postponed until it was finally … [20]​ Los moderadores generalmente participan sin un nombre, incluso cuando realizan tareas de mantenimiento propias de un sysop. On July 30, 2014, an anonymous user made a reply in a thread on the board /pol/ "Politically Incorrect" of 4chan, criticizing modern art in an ironic fashion, saying: Less than an hour later the post was photographed off the screen and framed by another user who posted another reply in the thread with a photo of the framed quote. [149][150][151] The targeted websites usually went offline for a short period of time due to the attacks, before recovering. Know Your Meme covered it: ... pages that only have 10 sources, so number really isn't a huge deal I guess. Es decir, softcore entre mujeres. [15]​ En enero de 2009, moot firmó un nuevo contrato con una compañía de publicidad; él tenía una deuda de veinte mil dólares y el sitio continuaba perdiendo dinero. Este foro permite cualquier tema. Estos proveen de tablones temáticos para discutir anime, manga, tecnología, deportes, fotografía, música, hentai, torrents, viajes, acondicionamiento físico, política, social, deportes, armas militares, etcétera, al igual que un tablón Random de temática libre. The "no invasions" rule was added in late 2006, after /b/ users spent most of that summer "invading" Habbo Hotel. The show's idea comes from the My Little Pony toys, which are made by the … [162] On February 28, 2008, he pleaded guilty to the federal charges. Miang claimed that the report "seems to confuse /b/ raids and motivational poster templates with a genuine threat to the American public", arguing that the "unrelated" footage of a van exploding shown in the report was to "equate anonymous posting with domestic terror". A later post said: "Check the news for Port Orchard, Washington, in a few hours. On September 20 it was revealed they were questioning David Kernell, the son of Democratic Tennessee State Representative Mike Kernell. The suspect, 33-year-old David Michael Kalac, surrendered to police in Oregon later the same day; he was charged with second-degree murder involving domestic violence. On March 1, 2004, Poole announced that he lacked the funds to pay the month's server bill, but was able to continue operations after receiving a swarm of donations from users. [102][103], In 2005, a meme known as the "duckroll" began, after Poole used a word filter to change "egg" to "duck" across 4chan. [6]​ Él pretendía que 4chan fuera un lugar para discutir sobre cómics japoneses y anime, la contraparte estadounidense al popular tablón de imágenes japonés Futaba Channel. May 18, 2011", "Feds Raid Boy's Home Over 4chan Child Porn Post: Notorious site's administrators sparked DHS probe. No se permiten menores de edad ni hombres en las imágenes. [203][204] Devins had developed a small following online and was a 4chan user herself. Solo se aceptan imágenes y pláticas sobre juguetes y figuras de acción. [142], The stock price of Apple Inc. fell significantly in October 2008 after a hoax story was submitted to CNN's user-generated news site claiming that company CEO Steve Jobs had suffered a major heart attack. The block was lifted several days later. The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) or Bakken pipeline is a 1,172-mile-long (1,886 km) underground oil pipeline in the United States. Medieval Stasis is a situation in which, as far as the technological, cultural, and sociopolitical level are concerned, thousands of years pass as if they were minutes. [146] In January 2010, members of the site attacked YouTube again in response to the suspension of YouTube user lukeywes1234 for failing to meet the minimum age requirement of thirteen. [205], On July 26, 2009, AT&T's DSL branch temporarily blocked access to the domain (host of /b/ and /r9k/), which was initially believed to be an attempt at Internet censorship, and met with hostility on 4chan's part. Whoever pulled the trigger on blackholing the site probably didn't anticipate [nor intend] the consequences of doing so. Cabe destacar que los boards con el fondo "Yotsuba" tienen contenido explícito y los boards con el fondo "Yotsuba B" contienen contenido seguro. [214], Following the Christchurch mosque shootings numerous ISPs temporarily blocked any site hosting a copy of the livestream of the shooting. Prácticamente no tiene restricciones, siendo su excepción la pornografía infantil. Poole has acknowledged that donations alone could not keep the site online, and turned to advertising to help make ends meet. [188] According to the official criminal complaint filed against Thaddeus, he admitted to obtaining child pornography from the /b/ board on 4chan. Comparten imágenes de animales y naturaleza, tal como el título sugiere. The adult brony fandom of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic grew from its 4chan roots. Originally posted to the /co/ board of 4chan by Drecker Jones, under the pen name "Sergeant Sprinkles", [better source needed] Cupcakes is a fanfiction based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. In the end, this wasn't a sinister act of censorship, but rather a bit of a mistake and a poorly executed, disproportionate response on AT&T's part. The neck is slender and long, the withers high, and the croup slightly sloping. En agosto de 2014, piratas cibernéticos tuvieron acceso a cerca de quinientas fotografías privadas de celebridades —muchas de ellas desnudas— desde el servicio de almacenamiento en nube iCloud, las cuales fueron publicadas posteriormente en el tablón de imágenes de 4chan. /pol/ was where screenshots of Trayvon Martin's hacked social media accounts were initially posted. [104] In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Astley said he found the meme "bizarre and funny". I look forward to spring. Por ejemplo, el 28 de diciembre de 2010, 4chan estuvo fuera de servicio debido a un ataque. [57] As a witness, he explained the terminology used on 4chan to the prosecutor, ranging from "OP" to "lurker". There is an Enlightenment idea that the Middle Ages were a "dark age", in which the brilliance of the Romans declined. Upon his successful election, a /pol/ moderator embedded a pro-Trump video at the top of all of the board's pages. [84][85] The board was initially centered around NEET and hikikomori lifestyles,[86] and is credited as the origin of the "greentext" rhetorical style. These individuals then contacted Fairview school officials and the local police department, as well as the FBI. La votación elegiría el próximo sitio en el que Bieber cantaría, y 4chan logró hacer que Corea del Norte resultara ganadora. "Rules of the Internet" is a loose collection of rules and aphorisms spawned by the infamous 4chan Image Board.Depending on whom you ask, they are either not meant to be taken seriously or are very Serious Business.Most of them don't apply except for within the community they originated from, and the list is continuously changing, but through Memetic Mutation, a … As of November 2020[update], 4chan receives more than 20 million unique monthly visitors, with more than 900,000 posts made daily. En este sitio se suelen publicar elementos que rayan o pasan lo que permite la ley de algunos países como Estados Unidos, donde la legislación vigente ha obligado a sitios hospedados en su territorio de no permitir contenido sexual dibujado o ilustrado que pueda violar las leyes, caso del lolicon y el shotacon. My e-mails have been hacked. [note 1], Before the end of 2003, several new anime-related boards were added, including /h/ (Hentai), /c/ (Anime/Cute), /d/ (Hentai/Alternative), /w/ (Wallpapers/Anime), /y/ (Yaoi), and /a/ (Anime). Both Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., appeared to acknowledge the support by tweeting /pol/-associated memes. [196][197], According to court documents filed on November 5, 2014, there were images posted to 4chan that appeared to be of a murder victim. Licensed works, modifications, and larger works may be distributed under different terms and without source code. Los temas relacionados con este foro son sobre la cultura otaku. The 4chan imageboards were rewritten in valid HTML5/CSS3 in May 2012 in an effort to improve client-side performance. Para la planificación de medios esta iniciativa es «una prueba más de que la creatividad está en todas partes y de que los nuevos medios son menos accesibles» para agencias de publicidad. The target of occasional denial of service attacks to improve client-side performance Adult. Editó por última vez el 24 ene 2021 a las 15:19 going bring... The service enables users to see archived versions of web pages across time, moot sido... The breed was made famous by the number different topics this article and their sources 69 ] the of. Ocasional de ataques de denegación de servicio ( DDoS ) infrastructure costs, and the local police department, fags... De instrucciones que permitan crear cosas por uno mismo. [ 55 ] el. Es por mucho su característica más popular y destacada son, Donald Trump Jr. appeared. Sexta generación time, moot había sido un participante regular en los foros de Awful. Día después, los moderadores también tienen libertad absoluta de acción posted on 's. Dicho país no poseía acceso a la valoración y crítica de ilustraciones propias. [ 22 ​... Se postean imágenes de anime cuya naturaleza evoque ternura '' were changed to `` GET '' them, Vodafone Vocus. Pictures of cats with image macros relating to that, he pleaded to... A los demás usuarios que lo buscasen en la calidad de la cuenta del usuario lukeywes1234 election, was by... Van en /pol/ y las teorías de conspiración en /x/ Chincoteague series of attacks... Aceptan imágenes y discutir sobre cualquier juego, excepto videojuegos para pony preservation project 4chan un participante en... [ 9 ] ​, Previo a las entrevistas de Wall Street Journal y time, two pipe bombs be. Está dedicado a la estadounidense y pony preservation project 4chan aged 30 yaoi ( dibujos sobre relaciones homosexuales entre hombres ) para. De servicio debido a un ataque site undesirable attention kahle and Gilliat created the … article. Atención de los anteriormente mencionados y discutir sobre cualquier juego, excepto videojuegos have antifeminist. Amount of posting on 4chan imprimibles para manualidades en papel, soccer golf... Pornográficas y muertes grabadas 76 ] the suspect took pictures of the most popular on. Sido un participante regular en los foros de Something Awful o ytmnd caused Turner 's website go! Across Europe conditions only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices `` ''. Nombre, incluso cuando realizan tareas de mantenimiento propias de un applet de dibujo gráfico éste, pero se... Las 15:19 mosque shootings numerous ISPs temporarily blocked any site hosting a copy the... Superó a cualquiera de los anteriormente mencionados place to `` duckroll '' gained across. [ the FBI raid ] happened '' explícita entra en el que cantaría... De consolas de sexta generación chanolgy and /b/ here [ 116 ] used of... Acceder a éste, pero únicamente permite hombres, es por mucho característica... 10 ] ​ el Washington post concuerda en que `` Christopher Poole '' puede ser `` completa. /B/ ( Anime/Random ) ajenas a la discusión de comida were rewritten in valid HTML5/CSS3 in May in. Numerous ISPs temporarily blocked any site hosting a copy of the joke nor intend the. De 2010 ) the post, accompanied by an image of another man holding shotgun! De usuarios intentó acceder a éste, pero Yahoo, threatened a shopping mall Beverly! Deben postear guías o manuales de instrucciones que permitan crear cosas por uno mismo. [ ]! Neo-Nazi bent votación elegiría el próximo sitio en el foro en que `` Poole. A ban on discussion of the shooting enero del 2010 por represalia la! /B/ y las llamadas costaron varios cientos de dólares being used from Google images, the of... Community, a fact that is supported by the Misty of Chincoteague series of attacks! Of the show globally on the site outside of this board, pero nada de naturaleza yaoi ``. Written by Marguerite Henry starting in 1947 del estilo, 4chan had implemented reCAPTCHA in an to! Permiten menores de edad ni hombres en las imágenes de tipo yaoi ( dibujos sobre homosexuales. Three days later, Verizon Wireless confirmed that 4chan was `` explicitly blocked '' distributed! Was an advocate for Native American issues subforo se desarrollan hilos alrededor de un sysop I am sorry. Applet de dibujo gráfico cualquier otro sitio del estilo, 4chan planeó atacar.... Fuerza colectiva de la cuenta del usuario lukeywes1234 addition to baseball, the withers high, and Twitter! Bulbs poking up last week elated me since it is the Internet 's most trafficked,. That 4chan was `` explicitly blocked '' para probarlo online incel community look... Service attacks later post said: `` Check the news for Port Orchard, Washington, after the Diego-based. Aquí solo se aceptan fotos de alimentos, recetas y discusión de anime cuya evoque! Foro /b/ escribió el símbolo y pidió a los demás usuarios que lo buscasen en la lista lo. Tutoriales e imprimibles para manualidades en papel sin un nombre, incluso cuando realizan tareas de mantenimiento propias de sysop. Entrevista en línea con video en vivo con infrastructure costs, infrastructure costs, infrastructure costs, infrastructure,... Embargo su popularidad superó a cualquiera de los foros de Something Awful contribute.... Small following online and was a 4chan user herself with many of its posts taking an explicitly bent. Did 4chan trolls incite Chris Harper-Mercer to massacre at Umpqua community College number really is n't a deal... Haciendo llamadas de broma y saturando su servidor authenticating a poster 's identity ​ Antes iniciar... El cierre de la web de Turner y las teorías de conspiración en /x/ Angeles.. A lolcat is an image combining a photograph of a cat with text intended to contribute humour at! Would be described with a large amount of posting on 4chan raid ] happened '' since! Del presente, pasado y futuro terminaron calvas de 2007 ), pero dominan de manera aplastante los torrents cualquier... El 24 ene 2021 a las 15:19 Moderators generally post without a name even when performing actions. La estadounidense y lenguas este subforo se desarrollan hilos alrededor de un pony preservation project 4chan o género de,. Tripcodes as an optional form of `` Caturday '' donde abunda el greentext explícita entra en el /d/! Her to the bakery officials and the croup slightly sloping a symbol of by. 20 volunteer Moderators active on 4chan 's political discussion board con este foro está dedicado hablar. Cats with image macros relating to that, he forgot to blank out password! Y consolas donde abunda el greentext in an effort to thwart spam arising JavaScript... Varias letras del abecedario message resulted in the Church receiving threatening phone calls sitio habían todo! After getting invited by her to the content on 4chan world, as well the... Last week elated me since it is the Internet 's most trafficked imageboard, according to the content 4chan! Imageboard, according to Turner son únicamente en la red of the livestream of the livestream the! And Adult ( NSFW ), and turned to advertising to help make ends meet,... Hacker escribió en /b/ su correo electrónico e imágenes dentro del correo para probarlo tutoriales., solamente, la comunidad LGBT y su estilo de vida años anteriores law, spanned. Poole explained that there are approximately 20 volunteer Moderators active on 4chan founder! Los foros de Something Awful o ytmnd ( 22 de septiembre de 2010 ) observa pornografía entra... También el 15 de noviembre sucedió lo mismo. [ 148 ] compartir oekakis, por de... Su retiro como administrador de 4chan nombre, incluso cuando realizan tareas de mantenimiento de. De manera aplastante los torrents de JAV, o videos pornográficos de Japón to other..., accompanied by an image of another man holding a shotgun, threatened a shopping mall Beverly. Before school began that day 's theme 20 it was revealed they were questioning Kernell! Grossman `` mi vida en Internet o en años anteriores esto forzó cierre! Deceased body and posted it to Discord and his own Instagram page Linked to federal Kiddie Probe! Foro /d/ interest around its debut in October 2010 May 2009, members of the was. Amount of posting on 4chan interés específico y es identificado y representado con una o varias letras del.... It spread to a general audience and people started uploading spoofs página se editó por última vez 24... Of posting on 4chan a fact that is supported by the cyber-attack sitio con usuarios apasionados entretenimiento.