Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968) Let us know below, or just use the comment box to further sing the praises of “Paper Moon,” because goddamn if that film isn’t just about perfect. While it’s based on a gossipy, salacious true story, and suggests that Ince was the victim of mistaken identity and a bullet that was intended for Chaplin, with whom Hearst believed Davies was having an affair, the film is less splashy than that sounds, more muted and melancholic in tone, despite some funny, bitchy, bitten-off dialogue. Set in a small town in Texas in the 1950s, the melancholy coming-of-age story was nominated for eight Oscars. Drama, Romance. READ MORE: Interview: Peter Bogdanovich Talks ‘Cold Turkey,’ The Endless Frustration Of Orson Welles’ ‘The Other Side Of The Wind,’ And More, “The Last Picture Show” (1971)Thanks to the somewhat surprising success of “Targets,” the road was paved for Peter Bogdanovich to go on to direct three bonafide American classics in a row — the filmscape of the bountiful 1970s would be forever changed for the better — starting with “The Last Picture Show.” One of the most profoundly felt coming-of-age stories to ever grace a silver screen, it’s the kind of slice-of-life that cuts deep into the gaps within existences, delicately focusing on those human interactions which have within them the power to change one’s perception of the surrounding world, woven together with soulful moments of amiable or poignant reflection. Duilio Del Prete, Votes: 114 min 42,235 The Last Picture Show & 9 Other Best Peter Bogdanovich Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes. “Targets” (1968)If Peter Bogdanovich’s first feature is not a great film it’s only because it’s really two films. Sam Elliott is ruggedly masculine as her on-again off-again biker beau, Laura Dern has a lovely freedom in her role as the blind girl Rocky falls for, and the collective Greek chorus of bikers and schoolkids are solid in sometimes very shorthanded roles. Stars: | This Article is related to: Features and tagged Cybill Shepherd, Feature, Features, Peter Bogdanovich, She's Funny That Way, The Essentials. Arthur Peterson, Always Leave 'Em Laughing: Peter Bogdanovich on Buster Keaton, superheroes, television, and the effect of time on movies Matt Zoller Seitz | 2018-10-13 Peter Bogdanovich, film historian and filmmaker, talks about Buster Keaton, the subject of his new documentary. | That he has been able to do that so often and so winningly without seeming derivative, and has along the way made several truly original outright masterpieces that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the films he so admires, just goes to prove what an innate, natural filmmaker Bogdanovich is — he just happens to be one cinema’s most erudite students as well. "Paper Moon", "The Last Picture Show", "What's Up, Doc? | | After the success of the film, he got a chance to direct his own film Targets (1968), a critical success. Rent Peter Bogdanovich films. | Gross: “What’s Up, Doc?” (1972)The throwback tendencies of Bogdanovich’s latest, “She’s Funny That Way,” arguably make it feel old-fashioned, but the director’s most successful take on the screwball genre, “What’s Up, Doc?” managed to somehow refresh the films it was so obviously referencing. While it’s tempting to ascribe many of the film’s issues to the source novel (Daisy is explicitly a shallow, capricious, and not terribly interesting character, even as written on the page), there are directorial choices on Bogdanovich’s part that falter too, especially if we consider he was, at this point, coming off an all-time, hall-of-fame, one-two-three of “The Last Picture Show,” “What’s Up, Doc?” and “Paper Moon.” Perhaps he can be forgiven for imagining he was infallible. Peter Bogdanovich 115 min | Eric Stoltz, Four socialite old friends unexpectedly clash, and switch partners during a party and attempt to make each other jealous. “Daisy Miller” (1974)More here because it’s essential to an understanding of Bogdanovich’s career than necessarily because it’s his greatest film, his Henry James adaptation certainly has more spark and verve to it than the same year’s deathly dull “The Great Gatsby,” with which it competed in the “handsomely mounted period literary adaptation” stakes. The Best American Movie Writing 1999, edited by Peter Bogdanovich and … The Essentials: Peter Bogdanovich's 9 Best Films. A millionaire named Michael Oliver Pritchard III and a singer named Kitty O'Kelly meet and fall in love. But in a time when iconoclasm became the norm for a brave new generation of young filmmakers, seemingly intent on outdoing each other in terms of finding not just new stories to tell but wholly new ways to tell them, Peter Bogdanovich stands slightly apart. And, of course, Bogdanovich has always popped up regularly as an actor, most notably in his recurring role on “The Sopranos.”. “Texasville” is a reunion/sequel to “The Last Picture Show” that is perhaps better viewed in isolation rather than as a middle-aged echo of greatness past; “Noises Off” is an entertaining, if stage-bound, all-star adaptation of a rambunctious play; and “The Thing Called Love” is a warm hearted, if rather low-stakes, drama featuring nice performances from Samantha Mathis, Sandra Bullock, and River Phoenix. Our marketplace offers a huge selection of movies from sellers worldwide. Based on the real, short life of Rocky Dennis (Eric Stoltz, in Oscar-winning make up), a boy afflicted with a rare disease that curtailed his life as well as disfiguring his face, the film is also (perhaps primarily) a defense of “alternative lifestyles.” Rocky’s mom, Rusty (deserved Cannes Best Actress-winning Cher), is a single mother, maintaining a drug habit and an unapologetically casual sex life, who has embedded Rocky into an unconventional “family” of bikers, and yet the portrayal of her style of motherhood is inherently, immensely sympathetic. Semi-true story of the Hollywood murder that occurred at a star-studded gathering aboard William Randolph Hearst's yacht in 1924. Helping that process too is Bogdanovich’s filmmaking, which, again coupled with Kovacs’ understatedly romanced cinematography, keeps a certain cool remove in place, allowing the actors’ bigger moments to feel true and tremendous, without becoming histrionic. 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With wonderful supporting performances from a flouncy Kenneth Mars and Bogdanovich secret weapon Madeline Kahn, an endless supply of quick-fire asides, and a genuinely funny slapstick climax featuring the San Francisco hills, a pizza delivery bike, a step ladder, and a sheet of plate glass, “What’s Up, Doc?” is the kind of featherweight pleasure that no one, not even Bogdanovich, sadly, quite makes anymore. John Hillerman, Votes: Everyone aboard has an agenda, and so the film takes on a certain satirical element as the yacht becomes a metaphor for Hollywood itself, where life is cheap, secrets are leverage, and to be loved is to be trapped and owned. Cybill Shepherd, 2. | The battle of wits over Nehis and Coney Islands, barroom dancers (Madeline Kahn‘s unforgettable Trixie), and $200.00, have the kind of symbiotic energy that takes the unassuming viewer completely off-guard, with the realization of just how boundlessly entertaining, heart-warming, and outright hilarious it all is always hovering one step behind the hijinks on screen. 101 min All rights reserved. Denholm Elliott, This film was Peter Bogdanovich's homage to musical comedies of the 1930s. Bogdanovich, a film historian as well as a director, is in celebratory mood, so it’s essentially a primer for a new generation, and this serves as a perfect introduction to Keaton’s timeless, balletic genius. [2006] [on The Last Picture Show (1971), 2015] We had such a bunch of good actors in that film. Peter Bogdanovich’s Ten Best Films. | Ryan O'Neal, 1,050 Stars: READ MORE: Interview: Peter Bogdanovich On ‘She’s Funny That Way’ And The Bodily Liquid Obsession Of Modern Comedy. $3.21M, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. But you cannot escape the knowledge that Bogdanovich was absolutely captivated by Shepherd — the camera practically fawns over her, and treats her with a dazzled adoration that those of us not actually blinded by love find a little puzzling: why are we supposed to be so entranced with this callow little idiot? Peter Bogdanovich Here is collection of Peter Bogdanovich films we carry in our extensive library of over 100,000 titles. Peter Bogdanovich (1939-) is an Oscar®-nominated American writer, director and producer. Stars: ", "Targets", & "Noises Off" are on The Best Movies Directed by Peter Bogdanovich on Flickchart. Streisand, still some way off her diva-ish years, even pokes fun at the national obsession with her nose in a fab rendition of Cole Porter‘s “You’re The Top.” And O’Neal sends up his romantic lead persona when Judy bats her eyelids and quotes, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry,” the inane catchphrase to his career-making hit, “Love Story,” and he fires back “That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard.” Funny because it’s true. Peter Bogdanovich's new film She's Funny That Way stars Owen Wilson, Imogen Poots, and Jennifer Aniston, and harkens back to the screwball comedies of yesterday. Tim O'Kelly, Perhaps best of all here is Stoltz, who plays Rocky with a sensitivity that is touching, but also with the cocky humor and oddly secure confidence of a good-looking guy, underneath it all. Patti Hansen, Director: Ryan O'Neal, Peter Bogdanovich - American film historian, author and director Peter Bogdanovich is best known for his critically acclaimed film, The Last Picture Show. Peter Bogdanovich | Corman’s only other stipulations (that the film come in on budget and use 20 minutes of footage from Karloff and Jack Nicholson-starrer “The Terror,” which became the film-within-the-film) mean Bogdanovich and co-writer Polly Platt had leeway to create something quite fascinating: a kind of double-feature-in-one-sitting. During the Great Depression, a con man finds himself saddled with a young girl who may or may not be his daughter, and the two forge an unlikely partnership. 19,680 Ben Gazzara, Yet when the parallel storylines do finally converge in a brilliantly staged closing sequence, the old-school Orlok reduces the young, motiveless murderer to a snivelling wreck in a meta act of wish fulfillment, which is partially so satisfying because it so untrue: the ’70s were coming and Karloff’s generation was being batted aside with ease by Bogdanovich’s. Carol Burnett, Acted in Targets, Saint Jack, and Directed by John Ford For his Five Favorite Films, Bogdanovich chose films along the same kooky, romantic lines that he … Taking its title from the George and Ira Gershwin song of the same name, Bogdanovich’s quirky ninth effort centers on a trio of private detectives (John Ritter, Ben Gazzara, and Blaine Novak) investigating the infidelities of two different women, the wife of a European tycoon (Audrey Hepburn, in one of her last performances, coaxed out of semi-retirement by Bogdanovich) and another New Yorker (Dorothy Stratten, whose death would overshadow the film; she and Bogdanovich were seeing each other when she was murdered by her estranged husband). Stars: Peter Bogdanovich ComSE (born July 30, 1939) is an American director, writer, actor, producer, critic and film historian. is counting down our ten favorite films directed by Peter Bogdanovich, who has touched on all … Top 10 Portrayals of Jesus Christ in Movies. The Peter Bogdanovich story is a Hollywood tale through and through, replete with memorable associations and fantastic success, along with various ups and downs. Tell us what you think about this feature. Part of the wave of "New Hollywood" directors, Bogdanovich's career started as a film journalist until he got hired to work on Roger Corman's The Wild Angels (1966). A lot of this is down to real chemistry with both stars on spritely, self-deprecating form. Films starring Peter Bogdanovich. The Best Movies Directed by Peter Bogdanovich - Flickchart Sign In Now ► or Create A New Account ► Director: Even anti-establishment, counter-cultural “revolutions,” such as the one that occurred in Hollywood throughout the 1970s, can become a hegemony of sorts. 2018; 1h 42min; PG; Directed by: Peter Bogdanovich An introduction to the work of silent film master Buster Keaton. Peter Bogdanovich's Movie of the Week: 52 Classic Films for One Full Year - Kindle edition by Bogdanovich, Peter. “Saint Jack” (1979)If much of Bogdanovich’s output feels slightly out of step with the experimental, counter-cultural vibe of his contemporaries’ work, perhaps the closest he ever hewed to his generational zeitgeist was with this 1979 picture, based on the Paul Theroux novel of the same name. Votes: 8,518 “Paper Moon” (1973) The breadth of cinematic joy covered in “Paper Moon”‘s snappy hour-and-twenty-or-so-minutes is near-impossible to measure in words, so, here goes nothing. Peter Bogdanovich is a writer, director, actor, producer and film historian with a long and varied career. | and Paper Moon. Peter Bogdanovich concluded his trifecta of ’70s masterpieces with an eternally adorable road-trip comedy-adventure featuring Ryan O’Neal as Moses Pray and O’Neal’s 9-year-old daughter, Tatum, as Addie Loggins. The shifts from one strand to the other feel jarring, but there’s also a certain energy released in these collisions — indeed throughout you can sense Bogdanovich’s palpable thrill at being behind a camera, and the relish with which he ascends a very steep learning curve. 90 min Things change, life happens: Jack forms an attachment to one particular woman, runs afoul of a Triad, and is dispossessed, forcing him into an uneasy alliance with a suave CIA agent (Bogdanovich). In that, in fact, she’s actually pretty great as Daisy, delivering her silly, girly flirtatious doublespeak like she’s a screwball heroine, and perhaps even giving the character more charm than she deserves. 118 min | Gross: Rent new releases as well as back catalogue of Peter Bogdanovich films on DVD and Blu-ray with our no obligation Free Trial offer. Stars: Comedy. Comedy, Crime, Drama. –with Nikola Grozdanovich and Rodrigo Perez. Burstyn, Bridges, Johnson, and Leachman were all nominated for Academy Awards, with the latter two walking away winners, but it’s the sum of all its parts and parcels that truly makes “The Last Picture Show” Bogdanovich’s “Citizen Kane.”. Bogdanovich's second fiction feature came together when BBS Films (home of Fonda and Hopper's Easy Rider [1969]) enlisted Bogdanovich to write and direct a project of his choice. A teenager with a massive facial skull deformity and biker gang mother attempt to live as normal a life as possible under the circumstances. Far from deconstructing what went before, his is a cinema of reconstruction, in which his simple love for the films of Welles and Ford and Hawks colors everything he does and practically leaps off the screen into your lap. Of these, Ben Johnson‘s Sam “The Lion,” Ellen Burstyn‘s no-nonsense Lois, and Cloris Leachman‘s lonely housewife Ruth make a lasting impression on Sonny, while every single character — from Randy Quaid’s slow-witted schoolboy Lester to Eileen Brennan‘s quick-witted café waitress Genevieve — make a lasting impression on us. John Ritter, PG-13 Indeed, Bogdanovich’s early work revealed a gift of Wellesian proportion that should have presaged one of the great careers of all-time, but it didn’t because of what happened after those films: Peter Bogdanovich lost his mojo and made a series of flops—Daisy Miller, Nickelodeon, Saint Jack, At Long Last Love, et. Of course, all the detectives fall for the women they’re tailing — one going so far to try and cheat on his own wife, a country singer played by Colleen Camp — and mishaps, misunderstandings, and hijinks ensue. | Gross: The conclusion may be pat — hell, the whole thing is way too neat to be anything like life — but it’s executed with such guileless faith in the goodness of its intentions, that if you’re not crying, you’re simply not watching. Of course, part of that similarity is in surface detail: the film stars Cassavetes regular Ben Gazzara and is shot by Wim Wenders (and later Jim Jarmusch) collaborator Robby Müller — all three would reteam on “They All Laughed.” But “Saint Jack” is probably Bogdanovich’s loosest film, the one that feels most Cassavetian in execution, in which classical plotting, let alone the kind of manic screwballishness that characterizes the director’s comedies, is entirely absent in favor of a low-key, episodic character portrait embedded in a gritty, exotic, and relatively little-filmed locale.